Frequently asked questions

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What does 6Pak do?
6Pak Solutions is a contract packing arm of ATG Pharma Inc., a leader in regulatory compliant filling and packaging equipment for the Cannabis Industry. 6Pak Solutions offers flexible contract packaging solutions, strategically partnering with and operating out of Licensed Facilities.If you're running production less than twice a week or looking to free up company resources, 6Pak Solutions can take over filling and packaging your products - or you can do a portion and outsource the rest. Focus on your core company value and product formulations and let 6Pak package the solutions for you, and benefit from our deep connections in the industry.
How does 6Pak work?
6Pak helps licensed producers, brands and processors bring new and innovative products to the cannabis market faster with top-of-the-line automation equipment and processes.With our licensed producer partners, and now, our trilateral partnership, we help emerging brands and licensed producers navigate the Canadian cannabis market with ease. With expertise in the fields of production, refinement, manufacturing, co-packing, filling equipment, and regulatory and compliance in the cannabis industry, we work together to serve the industry and advance the growth of new brands in the legal cannabis market.
What type of licenses do you have?
6Pak Solutions has a trilateral partnership with NaturalSci Regulatory Consulting (NSRC) and Hempsana Holdings Ltd to help brands and licensed producers enter the Canadian cannabis market, providing full turn-key solutions for all their operation's needs.We operate out of Medz Cannabis Inc. and CannaPiece Corp. Both have a Processing and Sale License for 1.0 and 2.0 products. Additionally, at the Medz facility, we are an approved vendor of the OCS and have a farmgate store.
What is the process to get started?
The first step is to contact us.We want to learn more about your production needs and have you fill out a service request form. You can see our tiers of filling, packaging, and distribution. Once a service request form has been completed, we will turn around a pricing proposal to you based on your needs. When you are happy with the proposal, we will work towards the next steps - whether that's getting regulatory advice, filling and packaging your vapes, capsules, creams, balms, and bottles, or making the right connections to successfully distribute your products across the Canadian cannabis industry.
Do we need NNCP submitted?
A NNCP is mandatory for production to begin. This typically takes 60 days for approval and 6PAK can advise and support. Our partners at NaturalSci Regulatory Consulting can help you get started right away.If your NNCP has already been completed and approved, there are no amendments or updates required for 6Pak to take on the filling.
Do you supply oil, or do we need to supply it?
Usually, all input material is provided by our clients. While 6Pak can connect clients to manufacturing and extraction partners, we do not supply oil for our client's production needs in-house.6Pak has a deep network of connections in the industry so connect with us to learn more.
Do you offer formulation services?
6Pak does not offer formulation services in-house, but we have partners who can support us. Depending on your needs, you can handle formulation at their own facility and send us the final product in bulk ready for filling, or work with one of our partners for a custom solution.
What types of products can you fill?
We can fill vapes, tinctures, spray bottles, beverage shots, creams, topicals, balms and gummies.In addition, we have helped clients launch unique products such as the Q-Cup, Duplicator, Voyager Precision Doser and different emulsion technology.
Is packaging material (boxes and bottles) supplied by you or us?
Ultimately, all packaging is selected and handled by our clients, then sent to us ready for production. We have connections in the industry to help point you in the right direction.
Can you add the excise stamp and do the final release?
Yes, we can! However, we require three mandatory documents to accept clients for our sale through program: We need an organizational structure chart to see the flow of all business transactions/sources of input materials. We will need full specifications for products and packaging. We require samples of the product and packaging to perform a trial run before the commitment of a sales partnership begins.
What are your MOQs?
2,000-unit runs are typically the lowest runs that make sense from a costing and logistical perspective. .
What is the typical turnaround for a fill?
Once the quality and commercial agreements are complete, we turnaround and ship the product back within eight production days. This allows our QAP and QA team to review all CoA for incoming inputs, get production completed, and ensure the finished product is ready for shipment before a final stamp of approval from our QAP. Depending on the type of product and the quantity of product, these timelines can change.
Where is your facility located?
The facility is conveniently located 10 minutes away from Toronto Pearson Airport and 20 minutes from the downtown city core. Operating out of the 50,000 square foot facility, our space is a federally licensed cannabis production and processing facility with an Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) vendor that offers clients a direct retail opportunity without ever having to leave the facility.
Who should use 6Pak?
If your team is struggling to keep up with your product-filling needs, or if you're running production less than twice a week, 6Pak's solutions can free up your company's time and resources. Anybody in the Canadian cannabis industry looking to bring cannabis products to market, 6Pak Solutions might have the solution for you.